The Board

Baghchal consists of a square board (5x5) poistions. However, not all cells in the board are connected to each other. Here is a Baghchal board with the start configuration of the pieces.


There are two different pieces: the tiger and the goat. There are 4 tigers and 20 goats. At the beginning, the four tigers are placed in the four corner points of the gameboard and the twenty goats are placed out of the board.


The goat makes the first move. First of all, all the goats from outside the board have to be brought in.  After all the goats have been placed on the board they may be moved from their position to any adjacent junction following any straight line.

Same as goats, the tigers may me moved along any of the lines to an adjacent junction. They may however also capture one goat placed on an adjacent juntion by jumping over following an straight line and landing on the next juntion adjacent to the position occupied by the goat.


Goats try to surround the four tigers so that none of them can make any valid move. Tigers win if they capture six goats.